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Our very own SCV headquarters right here in North Central Florida


Thanks to the quick thinking of our 7th Brigade Commander, Clement Lindsey, the SCV has been able to acquire a building in Trenton Florida. While we were able to obtain the building at no cost, it will take donations from fellow Southerners like you to get this facility up and running. In a time when Southern symbols and memorials are under attack The SCV is in position to plant the flag for our cause and ensure that we have a place that serves as a headquarters and meeting facility for the SCV. We are asking any SCV member or anyone who loves Southern heritage to consider donating to our building restoration fund. Please click the button below and let us know you’re interested in donating and we will contact you back as soon as possible. Thank you and may God Bless The South.

(check out the pictures below of the work in progress at the new building) 

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